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About 21CB

21st Century Boy tracks cultural intersections across the world wide web.

21st Century Boy (21CB) is a English-language blog which curates transcultural flows, primarily between East Asia and North America. Founded in August 2009, our coverage spans current affairs, politics, entertainment, pop and geek culture, web trends, viral videos, Internet memes, and film and media criticism.

Boasting a team of young, intelligent writers across seven different countries, 21st Century Boy provides readers with daily commentary.

We have been featured on Geekosystem,,, and The Dark Side HK.


Our Team

Michael Suen, Editor-in-Chief (webtwittere-mail)

Spawned in Los Angeles and raised by wolves in Hong Kong, Michael finds himself completing a degree in English and American Literatures on the icy tundra of Middlebury College, Vermont.

An aspiring storyteller and media scholar, Michael created 21CB in the summer of 2009. He has also written for The South China Morning Post, HK Magazine,, and

Also, one time, Jackie Chan told him he should eat more.

Stephen Suen, Contributing Editor (twittere-mail)

Though originally forged in the fires of Mount Doom back in ’93, today Stephen lives and studies in Hong Kong, cyberpunk city of sketchy. Born rabble-rouser with a knack for lame puns.

When he is not writing, Stephen dabbles in graphic & web design, 16-bit video gaming, and anything Scandinavian. Debater and nerd by day, interweb vagrant and raging otaku by night.

You can catch him over at, or YouTube.

Nathan Bullock, Correspondent (web, e-mail)

Nathan has just finished his undergraduate education at the University of Richmond with a degree in History & International Studies, including a semester at the University of Hong Kong.

He grew up primarily in Charlotte, NC, but also spent three formative years of his youth in mainland China.

Nathan’s next adventure is to the fine city-state of Singapore as a Fulbright Fellow, researching human geography, urbanization, and critical studies.

Tyler Gibson, Correspondent (twitter, e-mail)

Tyler is currently at Middlebury College, finishing a degree in International Politics and Economics with a focus in Chinese. He previously spent nine months studying and working in the PRC.

Hailing from Houston, Texas, he makes it a mission to dispel southern stereotypes and stigmas, while taking vocal pride in his southern heritage.

In addition to his obsession for Asia, politics, and economics, Tyler is also an avid musician and a fan of most things creative.

Alice Xia, Contributor (e-mail)

Senior at the University of California, Irvine, studying Political Science with a concentration in Comparative Politics.

A few of Alice’s personal beliefs: She’s pro-China, but not a Communist; supporter of liberalism; hates John Locke’s legacies; fascinated with the value of constitutional documents, but so tired of political rhetoric.

On a lighter note, Alice loves writing and reading good writing. Fortunately, the blogosphere can offer both!

William Hsu, Contributor (e-mail)

Though raised with big dreams in Shanghai and Hong Kong (his current residence), Will will always consider Taiwan to be his home. He has seen it all when it comes to being Chinese and Taiwanese – there is a difference and it is not all politics!

Now studying Biology at Washington University in St. Louis, Will is an aspiring doctor, a full-time lover, a part-time student, and an off-time poet.

Practicing a Gatsby-ian way of life, he aspires to be greater than he is.

Charly Kim, Contributor (web, twitter, e-mail)

Charly, of South Korean nationality and Hong Kong loyalty, is the creator of, a site “in the process of taking things that don’t belong to us into a place that belongs to no one.”

Previously a student at University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, he now resides in Seoul, South Korea, where he will be soon serving in the armed forces.

In his freetime, Charly enjoys reading Reddit, watching Breaking Bad, and long romantic walks on the beach.

Denise Hofmann, Contributor (webtwitter, e-mail)

Denise, half-Swiss, half-Chinese, was raised in Seoul, Bangkok, Istanbul and Hong Kong. She does not suffer from identity-crisis issues at all. A history major at Middlebury College, she is writing her thesis on Protestant missionaries and opium in 19th century China.

Fascinated by the connection between sound and visuals, Denise has produced the music to multi-media projectsa documentary trailer and an infomercial.

Denise aspires to score for full-length feature films in the future.

Amirul Ruslan, Contributor (web, twittere-mail)

Amirul is an alleged journalist, a suspected professional author of filth, a reputed t-shirt designer, a rumored scholar of multiple fields of humanities, and also purportedly none of the above.

From 2004 to 2008, Amirul was the most important Amirul in the world, as determined by Google search engine rankings, but from 2008-2010 he has lost this title to: a twelve year old boy and Transformers fan, a Malaysian national bodybuilder, a Pakistani terrorist general, and a British tandoori restaurant.

Esther Tran-Le, Contributor (web, twitter, e-mail)

Born in Paris, Esther spent her childhood in San Francisco and teen years in Santa Barbara, CA. Today, she lives in NYC where she studies Politics and Chinese at NYU. Half-French and half-Vietnamese, she is bilingual in French and English, fluent in Spanish, and learning Mandarin.

Determined to reform journalism, she’s interested in integrating Web 2.0 tools within all relevant content and maximizing readership through social networks.

Sometimes she wishes she could be F. Scott Fitzgerald reincarnate.


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