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Thanks to WikiLeaks, Now I Know How You Really Feel

15 Dec 2010

For all the drama from WikiLeaks‘ cablegate releases, one of the greatest areas of damage seems to have been to people’s feelings. So much so that Malaysia’s Foreign Minister Anifah Aman (pictured above) has issued a formal protest note to the Singapore High Commissioner to Malaysia. The unkind words included one Singaporean foreign affairs official saying, ”A lack of competent leadership is a real problem for Malaysia.” Mr. Aman described the comments as “totally uncalled for and unjustifiable,” and questioned “how this kind of remarks will help bilateral relations between Malaysia and Singapore.”

Singapore’s Ministry of Foreign Affairs will not offer an apology. Responses range from calling it “gossip”claiming that “it did not even take place” — to blaming it on “American interpretations.” Sounds like somebody’s suffering from a lack of competent leadership.

Surprising, because Singapore purports to care about not offending people’s sensibilities by restricting free speech, recently handing out a fine of $2,000 (SGD) to a man for threatening to offend people!

On the other hand, cheer up, Malaysia! Singapore doesn’t just hate you, they also think Thailand’s crown prince is “very erratic,” that Japan is a “big fat loser,” and India is just plain “stupid.”

[via ChannelNewsAsia and Temasek Review]

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