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ShinSight Trio x Soft Lipa: Gaining Momentum in Alternative Hip-Hop

7 Dec 2010

After Soft Lipa burst onto the mainstream music scene, one could say the Taiwanese hip-hop scene has since truly transformed.

Now, a new band, ShinSight Trio, comes to Taiwan with their recent album Where’s There A Moon That Is Mine. Originally from Japan, the group released their first album in 2006, which quickly gained traction in the country’ alternative hip-hop stream, featuring big names such as the late Nujabes.

This time, they take their soulful and alternative craft to explore Taiwan’s music scene. I’m ashamed that I didn’t discover this band earlier.

Interviewed by Bryan of the frequently tuned to Hitoradio StationFM 107.7 for those of you living in northern Taiwan — band frontman Shin-Ski spoke about their music and journey over the last four years. Below is an abbreviated transcript of the interview, as translated by the author:

BRYAN: This new work took you guys nearly four years to complete. Why did it take so long to brew and prepare this new album?

SHIN-SKI: In this time frame, all three of us were working as independent musicians, there really was not time for us to all get together to  produce and create new music…

B: Listening to this new album, there are elements of jazz and soul in the mix, how did ShinSight Trio become influenced by this type of music?

S: My interested in music is not limited to hip-hop, I can find rhythm and sounds that I like from classical to electronica, so jazz and soul is only part of the equation. If you listen to the album more, you will discover other elements that influences us. But honestly, jazz and soul music is the music that resonates with us most.

B: Maybe it’s my personal preference, I heard a lot of what I like about music. (laughter) The so-called alternate hip-hop has started to gain momentum in the Mandarin music scene in recent years, a while ago, you collaborated with Taiwanese new-gen hip-hop artist Soft Lipa, let’s talk about your experience.

S: At first, Soft-Lipa’s company came and sought us out, but when I heard his voice, I could feel energy throughout my whole body! Right then and there I decided to work with and learn from him. Soft Lipa’s creative lyrics contain a different vision, and I really liked the style of his rap: the flow, the smoothness, the rhyme and rhythm. The more I listen to his music, the more I like it, I think I dare say, I am a fan of his.

Their music has been on sale since October and can now be found on iTunes, even here in the United States. If you have a chance to, listen to their music — their soul is pouring out.

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