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Asian Netziens Are in Near-Pedophiliac Love With This 12-Year-Old Vietnamese Model

29 Nov 2010

Sure, she may share Vietnamese ancestry and part of her name with 21CB team member Esther Tran-Le, but model Hoang Bao Tran Le falls short when it comes to being of similar age. Yet despite being only twelve years old, Le does not fall short in height (see what I did there?): standing at 1.7m tall (or over 5’7″), this young lady has already won the 2009 Teen Model competition in Vietnam and has signed with PL Model, gracing the covers of various local fashion magazines.

Needless to say, with her surprisingly mature looks, Le has quickly become a sensation in China and southeast Asia, and some of the comments lobbied her way have been… disconcerting, to say the least.

The fine team at chinaSMACK has collected and translated reactions from Chinese netziens. One description from Chinese information portal reads thusly:

Look, this bosom, these legs, this waist, this butt, is she really 12-years-old? I can’t help myself, makes me want to commit a crime—-Honestly, if you dared to push her down [come onto her], you’d have committed a crime, WX [acting indecently towards] a minor girl (loli), and I guarantee you’ll get 10 years…, and even if it was her who voluntarily pushed you down [come onto you], you would still be committing a crime…

Okay, we’ll be the first to admit that she’s a pretty young lady, but the language above just bothers us. And sure, Miranda Kerr may have become a popular child model at the age of 13, but remember that invited controversy as well in her home country of Australia.

People, can’t you wait ten years instead of doing them in jail? Certainly, Japan is familiar with the dangers of Pedobear’s “Too Old; Do Not Want” (caution: slightly NSFW) philosophy, but are China and Vietnam? Spread the word, people.

Must children be inaugurated into our culture of bodily display so soon?

[via chinaSMACK and HollywoodCelebGossips]

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