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You Gotta Hear this Electro Remix of Pokémon Red and Blue

21 Nov 2010

Matt Sweeney, also known as Credulity Kills, has thrown down this fantastic electronic remix of the Forest/Cave, Route 1, Battle, and Victory themes from the old school Pokémon (Pocket Monsters!) Red and Blue Versions. He writes:

This is pretty much what would happen if Ash Ketchum dropped acid & ecstasy, ran through viridian forest, and then got into the most epic pokemon battle he’s ever experienced. Though his brain is swimming in dopamine and serotonin, Ash pulls it together at the end to clench victory.

This was completely for fun, and intentionally over the top. Blue version holds a special place in my nostalgic heart, and I would ALWAYS get the music stuck in my head, because its so awesome.

Modern electronic 8-bit-influenced bands (like Crystal Castles, or for the purists, Anamanaguchi) have games like Pokémon to thank.

Download the mp3 for “Pokemon Red&Blue (I Wont Let You Take Me Seriously Remix)”

[Reddit via Geekosystem]

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