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All Anime Openings are the Same [Video]

19 Nov 2010

Derek Lieu (@KickintheheadNY) cut together this brilliant video to show all the various tropes that so many anime openings are guilty of using: camera pan up to sky, running characters, introductory shots of characters turning to face the camera, characters pondering the night sky, characters standing as the wind rustles their hair, etc.

Lieu writes:

It’s always amused me the repeated imagery that exist in anime opening credit sequences. This video doesn’t cover them all, but it has a lot of the big ones. Interesting thing I learned, if a character is running it’s overwhelmingly to the left of the screen.

I first started thinking about this years ago when I saw the X-Men intro that they made in Japan to replace the American one. The part that especially hit home was Wolverine, and Cyclops standing on some nondescript land mass.

[via reddit]

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