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Chinese Reporter Interrupts Obama and Claims to “Represent the Entire Asia” [Video]

15 Nov 2010

Despite Asia’s enlarged presence on the economic stage, it looks like much of its local press is still shy — bar one nation. During a press conference at the G20 summit, reporter Rui Chenggang from China Central Television International seemed to enjoy the notion that “I get to represent the entire Asia.” When President Obama asserted he would like to give the South Korean journalists an opportunity to ask questions, no one spoke up. Whether indicative of a widespread language barrier, or a reserved press, it’s uncertain.

China’s netziens are divided on this now viral videoMinistry of Tofu translates one commenter as saying:

Obama wanted to let Korean journalists ask questions first. This is out of respect for the host country, a very normal thing. Just a few seconds passed before you popped out and prattle, despite the fact that Obama reminded you it’s Korean journalists’ time. You butt in, in such an insolent tone. No manner. A shame on our Chinese. Represent my ass! You are a clown. A clown with Chinese characteristics.

[via Ministry of Tofu]

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