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Is Mark Zuckerberg Planning to Visit China?

9 Nov 2010

Anybody know “the best mandarin [sic]-speaking cities to visit in China?” If you do, please contact Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, who asked other users for suggestions on Facebook’s Questions page. Oh, Mr. Zuckerberg, how you constantly remind us that you don’t have a college degree (much less, one from Harvard).

Word on the cyber street has it that Zuckerberg and his girlfriend are planning an extended trip to the mainland for the dual purposes of business and pleasure.

Facebook, like YouTube and parts of Wikipedia, are blocked by the Chinese government as the Internet is highly regulated and censored along with other forms of media (a Kindle will solve this, though!). No doubt Facebook executives salivate at the thought of having access to the Chinese market which could easily eclipse the current second largest nation of users: Indonesia.

Perhaps the Facebook CEO hopes to use his newly acquired Mandarin skills to gain some guanxi with the state censors and regulators. However, the most difficult task will likely be finding a way to convince them that they can add Facebook without losing … “face.”

Whichever way this great journey to the East ends up, if it means more openness and freedom for the people of the PRC, then we “Like it.”

[via Forbes SELECTSTART]

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