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Asian Man Boards Flight Disguised as Old Gweilo

5 Nov 2010

Sure, the elderly prune-like “gweilo” on the above right may seem on the verge of death, but turns out he’s actually the healthy, young, Asian man on the left.

According to CNN, this master of disguise boarded an international Air Canada flight from Hong Kong to Vancouver on October 29, though not before Air Canada Corporate Security released a notice about a possible impostor that appeared to be an old Causasian man with “young looking hands.”

The first clue: geezer enters the washroom on the plane to emerge young and Asian. Consequently, Border Security Officers escorted the suspect off the plane after landing in Vancouver, after which he attempted to ask for political asylum.

A search of the suspect’s bags revealed a “disguise kit” consisting of a silicone mask, a brown leather cap, glasses, and a brown cardigan. The man reportedly boarded the plane with a boarding pass belonging to a U.S. citizen born in 1955. A frequent flyer credit card was presented as identification, which makes us glad that at least someone’s getting mileage for this.

[via The Dark Side & Geekosystem]

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