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UN to Review Singapore’s Human Rights Record

2 Nov 2010

Singapore, the Southeast Asian city-state known for its cleanliness, lack of chewing gum, and caning punishment has finally drawn the eye of the United Nations Human Rights Council for the first time. Concerns among local civic groups include: quality of life for the marginalized members of society (foreign workers, disabled, elderly), housing conditions for temporary workers, and sexual activity among consenting adults.

From Channel News Asia:

“Economic growth, well-being do not automatically bring in happiness, justice or social equality. These issues have to be pushed for, fought for and brought into reality,” said Alex Au, spokesperson for advocacy group People Like Us.

While there are many other areas that need improvement, such as freedom of speech/expression/press and free democratic participation in government and elections, it is not clear whether the report will address them. The final document is to be produced by the UNHRC in Geneva in September of 2011.

Until then, dum spiro, spero.

[via CNA]

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