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Survey Says Chinese Men Have More Sex, But Worse Sex [NSFW]

28 Oct 2010

Quantity does not equal quality: A new investigative report suggests that Chinese men have sex more frequently than Westerners, but are nonetheless dissatisfied. Initiated by the Chinese Medical Development Research Council, the survey received 32,652 valid replies to generate a sexual happiness index for China’s male population.

About 67 per cent of the interviewees reported sexual activity two to five times a month, while only 3 percent engaged less than once a month. Yet 36 per cent of the men surveyed were dissatisfied with their sex lives, while 40 per cent said they enjoyed satisfactory sex occasionally.

Mainly, researchers attributed the response to the stresses brought upon by work life.

According to Jia Jianchen, a 27-year-old who works for a Beijing advertising company: “Chinese couples have very little sexual knowledge and few skills, and that they refuse to communicate with each other when they feel disharmony in their sex lives.” Thanks, Alfred Kinsey.

If this is what it’s like for men, we wonder how the women feel.

Vodpod videos no longer available.

[via Global Times; image via Jezebel]


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