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New “Mr. Men” Series Based Off the Characters of “Mad Men”

27 Oct 2010

At yet another one of those improbable crossroads of pop culture, cable network AMC and the estate of author/illustrator Roger Hargreaves have announced a new joint venture that combines the seedy, smoke-filled sixties world of Mad Men with the beloved Mr. Men children’s picture book series. It’s fun for the whole family! In “the biggest brand alliance since Bell’s and Irn Bru”, the two franchises have joined forces to create Mad Men Mr. Men, a brand new series based off the characters of Mad Men.

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Whereas each book of the original Mr. Men series contained a moralistic life lesson, Mad Men Mr. Men promises to instill your children with the time-honored values of misogyny and reckless alcoholism! The two franchises seem to be incongruous, and combining them is rather counter-intuitive. So why the crossover? AMC executive Tony Tolberg explains:

Why do this? Well, I’ll tell you why. Harry Potter showed the world that books could bridge the gap between children and adults. Mad Men Mr. Men stretches that gap even wider and builds a larger bridge – a bridge over the river Why.

River Kwai, river Why? Get it?

You can read Mr. Sterling Gets Angry online at The Poke.

(Note: If you haven’t realized already, Mad Men Mr. Men is not real. But hilarious nonetheless.)

[The Poke via Buzzfeed]

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