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Androids Look More and More Like Real Human Beings [Video]

27 Oct 2010

We present to you the Actroid-F — it’s a fitting name for a robot that acts eerily like a real human woman. Created by the National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology’s “Open Lab” in Japan, Ms. Actroid-F is the latest in her series (so, essentially the T-1000000 model of the real world).

And though her facial expressions are incredibly more realistic than her predecessors — head cocking, blinking, brow furrowing, and all — the Open Lab was fortunately able to cut costs and make the F-model more lightweight.

Hit the jump to see the video for yourself.

The Open Lab is part of a research group whose goal is to advance human-robot communication. Through motion-capture camerawork, they’ve tried to replicate human facial expressions accurately. Past androids have failed to appear truly life-like, unable to cross what is called the “uncanny valley.”

Of course, the day robots attain true human-like resemblance, we’re betting this to be the first thing companies will apply this technology to.

[via reddit; translation by Stephen Suen]

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