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First Review of Vampire Weekend’s Bangkok Concert: “It Was Like Bad Sex.”

26 Oct 2010

Vampire Weekend‘s concert in Bangkok this past Friday left many of the 2,000 attending disappointed with the (over)hyped band’s brief and lackluster performance. CNNGo’s Nick Satraoj compiled some of the first knee-jerk reactions:

“We should have just stayed in the bar and played the album,” one fan complained.

Others griped that they spent nearly twice as much time in taxis getting to and from Impact’s Thunder Dome in Nonthaburi than they had actually listening to the band.

The biggest complaint however was simply that Vampire Weekend’s effort was half-hearted and that the gig failed to produce any semblance of a climax.

The consensus, expressed by one expat: “It was like bad sex.”

What’s wrong, Vampire Weekend? You prepsters shouldn’t feel uncomfortable playing the imperially-inclined music of “Cape Cod Kwassa Kwassa” in Thailand: It was the only uncolonized nation in Southeast Asia, after all!

Read the full review at CNNGo.

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