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Japan’s “Saw 3D” Promotion Includes 3…D…Cup-Sized Women

25 Oct 2010

So, I didn’t realize this could actually be done. If our flawed translation is right: In order to promote the supposedly final chapter in the Saw franchise, Saw 3D, Lionsgate reportedly hired “3 D-cupped beauties” (get it? get it?) to appear in nurse costumes for a Saw movie marathon.

Talk about going too far with a seriously bad pun.

During the event (the “All-Night Saw Marathon”), taking place from the night of the 23rd to the morning of the 24th, Saws 1-6 were screened all in one sitting. 3DG’s “Let’s”, “Play”, and “A Game” made sexy poses one at a time. From there at around 11 PM the physically and emotionally difficult “All-Night Saw Marathon” began. This rigorous event was challenged by 49 people. They were allowed to take 15 min breaks in the middle, but no more than 2. Those participants who were able to last until morning were recognized.

48 of the 49 participants were ultimately able to finish the six films, and received a gift coupon. One female trooper told reporters: “I originally love scary movies, particularly the well-conceived traps in the Saw series, I really like them. To do this All-Night Saw Marathon, I’m not at all tired! I’m going to work after this!

Not sure if it’s the translation, but it sounds to me like she’s acting a bit too enthusiastically to really mean it. I’d be soulless too, after a sleepless night of busty nurses and gory torture porn. Also, are the three girls really named “Let’s,” “Play,” and “A Game”?! Breast time ever.

Saw 3D Trailer (Japanese)

[Walkerplus via A Rinkya Blog; translation by Stephen Suen]

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