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Asian Jersey Shore Show “K-Town” Asks: What is an Asian?

22 Oct 2010

Mike Le, producer of the unaired, already controversial television series K-Town (pitched as an “Asian Jersey Shore“), responds in a rather moving and personal blog post to the criticism that the show will merely generate negative stereotypes of Asians:

“…The reason why I’m producing this K-TOWN show is because I want to celebrate being Asian and all the wonderful baggage that comes with it!  Yes, we Asians are smart, play the piano, work hard, but at the same time we’re sexy, stylish, have swagger, and we can party and fuck up just like everybody else.  It would be completely disingenuous of me to produce this show without showing the bad as well as the good.  I’ve read the blogs and there are plenty of people out there complaining about how our show is going to create new stereo-types for us, when the truth is what we’re trying to show is that there is no type.  Maybe bringing us a little shame could be a good thing?”

Aggressive partying is a well-acknowledged facet of modern Asian and Asian-American culture. Yet overwhelmingly the Asian representation in media continues to occupy secondary character types: comic relief, asexual nerd, exotic geisha, kung-fu guru. Could foregrounding a predominantly Asian cast of strong, though suspect personalities begin to break down these preconceptions?

Geekweek [via @davechensky]


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