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Pogo Remixes Dexter in “Crimson” [Video]

14 Oct 2010

Nick Bertke strikes again! The 21-year-old trip-hopper from Perth, better known by the name Pogo, has just dropped his latest remix “Crimson”, made up of sounds and clips from Dexter. The morbid juxtaposition of image and sound is disturbing to say the least —  serial killers and chillout music don’t exactly make the best of combos. Never have I seen so much blood in an electronic music video. Still, it’s the same Pogo we’ve come to know and love: a relaxing bass track, catchy beats, and great video editing.

Watch the video for yourself after the jump.

Unlike Pogo’s very first bootlegged remixes, the song appears to have been made with the blessing — and probably money — of Showtime, the network that airs Dexter. According to Pogo’s blog, his yearlong contract with Disney (hence all the Pixar mixes this past year) has recently come to an end and he’s now lurking the waters of free agency once again. Expect to see a lot more variety coming from Bertke in the coming months.

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