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Wen Jiabao and Victor Gao Zhikai on China’s Future and Democracy

4 Oct 2010

Wen Jiabao spoke to CNN’s Freed Zakaria last week. Contrary to Hu Jintao‘s silence on the issue of political reform, the premier made some very intriguing comments:

I believe I and all the Chinese people have such conviction that China will make continuous progress and the people’s wishes and need for democracy and freedom are irresistible. I hope you will be able to gradually see the continuous progress of China.


As Shanghaiist notes, it’s the third time in recent weeks that Wen’s made comments on democracy in China — suggestive of political disagreement within the CCP, perhaps?

In other recent news, Victor Gao ZhikaiDeng Xiaoping‘s ex-interpreter — speaking to students at Middlebury College in Vermont, noted:

We are no longer romantic, poetic: this explains why China has caught up with the US. There was no fanfare in China. People just took it. What should be the test of truth? We used to say it was truth if Mao said it. But society kept changing… China does not want to rule the world because it doesn’t even know how to rule itself!

More at MiddBlog’s Twitter feed.

[via Shanghaiist]

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