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See Reigning Sumo Wrestler Hakuho Pick Up Trophy, Then Sylvester Stallone

27 Sep 2010

First, look at this trophy. I’m not sure if Sly Stallone is heavier than the Emperor’s Cup, which Mongolian sumo wrestler Hakuho was awarded with for the 16th time in his career this past weekend. Japanese Prime Minister Naoto Kan, who presented the trophy at Ryogoku Kokugikan, was probably just happy Hakuho was there to bear the brunt of the enormous metallic cup for press photos.

East met West later that night when Hakuho crossed paths with Stallone, at Tokyo’s Shibuya AX theater to promote his new film The Expendables. And after the break, we have the picture to prove it:

For photographers at the premiere, Stallone mock-punched Hakuho. Hakuho responded by grinning and easily lifting the renowned action star off the ground.

Of the sumo tournament, which Stallone was able to watch live, he commented: “It’s so easy to follow. The rules are simple. It’s why people love it. It’s man versus man.”

Hakuho, who may have started off not unlike these wee budding trainees from long ago, cleaned up the Tokyo fall sumo tournament with a record of 15-0. He now holds the second longest victory run ever, with a total of 62 consecutive wins.

[via CNNGo]

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