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Preview Two Songs from the Upcoming Nujabes Tribute Album

22 Sep 2010

The album Modal Soul Classics II — a tribute to the inimitable hip-hop producer Nujabes, who tragically passed away earlier this year — is due out sometime in the next month. So far, two songs have been released: “Homeward Journey” by Uyama Hiroto, and as of this week, “Beach of Life” by the rap group Specifics. As expected, they employ an excellent mixture of jazzy melody and hip hop beats.

Listen to the tracks after the break:

“Beach of Life” – Specifics

“Homeward Journey” – Uyama Hiroto

Bonus: Allegedly the track Nujabes was working on before he passed.

Bonus: Luv (Sic) Pt. 4 – Shing02 feat. Emi Meyer

Are they fitting tributes to perhaps one of the greatest jazz hop producers of all time? Make your comments heard.

[via The Find Magazine]

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