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LOL: A Taiwanese Boyfriend Works Overtime [Video; Updated with Translation]

16 Sep 2010

Apologies for the brief dry spell of posts: But we return with this absolutely hilarious video that’s gone viral on various Chinese social networks. Those of you in long-distance relationships may know the pain of Skype conversations. Well, this particular webcam session between a young Taiwanese couple takes a turn for the worse.

See the video below:

Apparently a parody of this Sony Vaio laptop commercial, it appears this video was done as part of an advertising campaign for Chinatrust Real Estate (site in Chinese). If you click to the section of the webcam comedy short, a video plays of a faux reporter entering the young man’s room not soon after his webcam debacle, to interview him about his pretense. Turns out the office is too far, and the poor boy can’t find adequate real estate nearby.

Video Translation

MAN: Is there sound? Is there video?
WOMAN: Yeah. Hey, baby —
MAN: Hey.
WOMAN: Your office is really empty today.
MAN: Yeah, everyone’s out eating. I have this report to write.
WOMAN: You must be really stressed.
MAN: Mm, yeah.
WOMAN: So do you miss me?
MAN: Of course I do. Ah, a bug!
WOMAN: Hey. Hey! You tricked me. You’re playing mahjong!

[via chinaSMACK]

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  1. Tyler Gibson permalink
    16 Sep 2010 2:37 PM

    knowing the chinese makes it that much better though, great find!

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