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I Hear Tidings: 26 August 2010

26 Aug 2010

I Hear Tidings is a (nearly) daily newsletter which aggregates 5 interesting and/or crucial links from across the Internet. After the jump: “One Piece” goes on break; Jackie Chan calls Hong Kong a “nation”; a Korean mother-to-be confronts different takes on pregnancy; Malaysia deals with imminent water shortage; Kim Jong-il visit China…why?

ONE PIECE ON BREAK: After thirteen years of almost non-stop production, the One Piece manga series will be going on a four-week break. What’s more, its story will also pick up with a two year time jump! But since Luffy and his team have already been to freakin’ Heaven and back again, no one has any idea what this new plot development will mean. [AnimeVice]

ONE NATION UNDER JACKIE: In response to the Manila hostage crisis, Hong Kong’s biggest action star Jackie Chan tweets, “HK is a nation built by a lot of different people..don’t worry! We do not hate!” The always cynical Big Lychee (tagline: “Watching the sun set, little by little, on Asia’s greatest city”) comments on the irony of those words. [Big Lychee]

EAST VS. WEST PREGNANCY: A guest writer for lists three “hilariously contradictory” pieces of advice, given by Western and Korean sources, when it comes to living with a baby in the belly. We’re not sure which to believe, but since Asians have longer life expectancies, we’ll take our chances with Team Korea. [8Asians]

MALAYSIA IS THIRSTY: In Selangor, Malaysia, there’s a high demand for water, and competing political and business interests threaten to botch the state’s supply of H2O. The Nut Graph has conducted a thorough analysis of what is considered an “impending crisis.” [The Nut Graph]

KIM GOES TO CHINA: Oh, North Korea: What dark, black secrets do you hide from us? The media was filled with reports of Kim Jong-il taking a private train to China, possibly accompanied by his son and heir Kim Jong-un. Newsweek runs down the possibilities for this surprise visit. [Newsweek]

VOTD: Shakespeare presents the art of seduction. Hint: Call her a dirty girl.

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