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I Hear Tidings: 22 August 2010

22 Aug 2010

I Hear Tidings is a (nearly) daily newsletter which aggregates 5 interesting and/or crucial links across the Internet. After the jump: Chinese women volunteer eagerly train to be hostesses for the Asian Games; citizens demand compensation from the Japanese government; facts about the ecological damage of disposable chopsticks; Korean children wear “shag bands”; Miyazaki is making a Studio Ghibli sequel; a ice cream vendor serves ice cream with a smile… and its a robot!

[SOCIETY] Willing to Serve: How do the beautiful women of China prepare to be hostesses at the upcoming 16th Asian Games in Guangzhou? Why, by balancing books on their heads and serving trays covered with water bottles, of course! Interestingly, these 550 participants are all working on a volunteer basis, so the “devilish training” they’re put through is all of their own will. Forum user xpw543451225 wryly comments: “These girls all have ‘intentions’ of their own.” [chinaSMACK]

[NEWS] Citizens Demand Compensation for Japanese Colonial Rule: 900 citizens, both Korean and Japanese, convened to call on the Japanese government to compensate for the 35 years of colonial rule over the Korean peninsula from 1910 to the end of World War II. They seek apology for the “comfort women” who often were required to offer sex to soldiers stationed there, as well as corrections to policies which bar Korean students from tuition waivers at Japanese public schools. [The Japan Times]

[SOCIETY] How the Little Things Add Up: Elaine Chow outlined some rather disturbing facts about disposable chopsticks. Did you know that 100 American football fields worth of trees are felled everyday to keep up with China’s exorbitant demand for disposable chopsticks? But what bothers us most is how you can never split the wooden sticks properly in half; that in itself should be reason not to use the damned things! [Shanghaiist]

[SEX] Shag Bands All the Rage: Apparently, the so-called “shag band” is sweeping Korea’s schoolchildren as the latest rage. The color of these bracelets indicate your sexual willingness (yellow is for kiss; white for cozy hugs; pink for flashing; blue for oral sex; black for sex). Education authorities have expressed their concern, one official noting: “It is shocking that the bracelets could mean so much. We will consider imposing similar restriction.” [The Korea Times]

[MOVIES] Miyazaki Developing Porco Rosso Sequel: Though there have been talks about animation giant Studio Ghibli possibly closing shop in the US, Hayao Miyazaki is thankfully here to stay. In what could be the first direct sequel to a Studio Ghibli film, Porco Rosso: The Last Sortie would be the “tragic story of a boy,” set during the Spanish Civil War. Obviously, Totoro Begins and Spirited Away 2 the Streets are next in line. [FirstShowing]

VOTD: The best smiling ice cream vendor in Japan is a robot!

[via Kirainet]

[title image via chinaSMACK]

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