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What People Ask Google: Why Do Koreans Have Big Heads? [Updated with Answer!]

22 Aug 2010

Google‘s auto-complete function in its search bar always offers good laughs, especially when it comes to outlining weird stereotypes that Internet searchers have swimming around in their heads. We weren’t aware that it was a popular notion Koreans have big heads, but it’s intrigued us. Find out what the deal is, after the break.

According to Korean Beacon:

Experts say the faces of Koreans appear to be bigger due to a kind of optical illusion. “Koreans tend to have relatively flatter facial features than Caucasians so they could be perceived as having bigger faces, but from a three-dimensional perspective, Caucasians have bigger faces,” said Cho Yong-jin, head of the Face Research Institute.

If they were so sure that it was a myth, why did they establish a Face Research Institute, huh? Riddle me that!

Read the original full post of other funny Google searches at Squattering: “We’re in the process of taking things that don’t belong to us into a place that belongs to no one.”

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