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Youth Olympic Games Theme Song Highlights Worldwide Vocal Talents [Video]

21 Aug 2010

The 1st ever Youth Olympic Games in Singapore wouldn’t be complete without a theme song and music video featuring five young musicians from around the world to represent their region. The song, titled “Everyone,” is obviously sung in “everyone’s” global tongue of English.

Video after the break.

In seeking out artists, the music video’s director Ken Lim turned primarily to former Idol stars, having served as a judge on both Singapore and Asian Idol shows.

Our hometown favorite, Tabitha Nauser, represents Asia and was a star on Singapore Idol. The runner up from Australian Idol, Jessica Mauboy, performs on behalf of Oceania, and Jody Williams, the winner of Idol South Africa, represents the African continent. Sean Kingston, the biggest star in the ensemble, was chosen for the Americas, and finally upcoming British singer-songwriter Steve Appleton represents Europe. [Ed. note: Isn’t it nice that the spectrum of the world’s music has been condensed to five performers? Makes for easy listening.]

Director Ken Lim also wrote the song.

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