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Little Girl Stumbles Onto Her Parents Going At It, AUTO-TUNED [Video]

21 Aug 2010

Hot on the heels of the internet sensation that was Antoine Dodson‘s Bed Intruder Song (peaking at #3 on the iTunes R&B charts) is the Gregory Brothers‘ newest hit-in-the-making: an auto-tuned rendition of a recent video in which a little girl recounts stumbling into her parents’ room one fateful night. Probably every parent’s worst nightmare, and perhaps the most epic show-and-tell story ever. It also happens to make a song that is catchy as hell.

A cherubic child stumbles into her parents’ room, thereby stumbling onto a smooth jam in the process. This one goes out to all the parents out there who got babies and still making babies.

Watch the video after the jump.

Since the Gregory Brothers’ win at the Webbys, the direction of their releases has changed dramatically. This video seems to mark a trend — rather than new installments of Auto-Tune the News, the Gregorys’ recent slew of remixes have all been “songified” versions of online viral videos. From Charlie Bit Me to Double Rainbow, the GB are now starting to embrace their status as online mememakers and mememixers. If “meta” is the prefix of the 21st century, the Gregorys have mastered it — they have perfected the art of memes within memes (is too unstable!).

And to take it a step further, the Gregory Brothers have thrown the musical gauntlet to their viewers. By releasing all the chords and lyrics to their most recent jams, they’re inviting all of the interwebs to cover and remix their work. We’re seeing everything from power pop renditions to versions by fellow YouTube celebrities to covers by school marching bands spreading like wildfire, making the viral even more so. To the Gregorys: I salute you, for having struck what may very well be the heart and soul of the internet.

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