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I Hear Tidings: 21 August 2010

21 Aug 2010

I Hear Tidings is a (nearly) daily newsletter which aggregates 5 interesting and/or crucial links from across the Internet. After the jump: Secrets China scholar Perry Link would like WikiLeaks to look into; black-Asian tensions in NYC; a driver’s license – for a mule cart in 1954; Korean pop stars and plastic surgery; an update on the stolen Van Gogh painting; an old lady training for “Ip Man 3” in Hong Kong’s subways!

[POLITICS] WikiLeaks, The Wishlist: This might’ve slipped under your radar amid all the news about WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange being accused and then immediately unaccused of molesting a woman: China scholar Perry Link has compiled a list of seven Chinese national secrets he’d like to see leaked. [NY Review of Books]

[SOCIETY] Racial Tensions in NYC: Asian redditor “theletterA” started an animated conversation about racial tensions between blacks and Asians in New York City; is there a reason why she’d been the target of slurs five times in the last year? Perhaps redditor “nuseramed” puts it best: “Not that anyone should be verbally harassed even once, but it’s important to keep in mind the 99.9% of blacks you see every day that just want to go about their lives.” [reddit]

[HISTORY] Another Kind of Driver’s License: Acquiring all the proper papers to drive a car is already a hassle for young adults as it is, but how about the documentation for driving a mule? That’s right, even Chinese mule cart drivers in 1954 weren’t exempt from drunkenly navigating their animal down the street! [Danwei]

[MUSIC] Korea’s Trend of Plastic Surgery Strikes Again: Has Sooyoung of Korean all-female pop group Girls’ Generation received a surgical makeover? She is the latest among the nontet to show up at an event with a “puffy face,” fueling rumors that some of the girls had botox injections. With their huge Japanese debut due in September, they might just be under pressure to keep their faces pretty. [MTV Iggy]

[ART] Stolen Van Gogh Painting Recovered Hours After Theft: Egyptian authorities have apprehended an Italian couple who were trying to leave the country with the estimated $50 million painting “Poppy Flowers,” stolen earlier today at Cairo’s Mahmoud Khalil Museum. Seriously, how do thieves just waltz out of museums with priceless paintings? It’s not Ocean’s Eleven we’re dealing with here (or is it?). [MSNBC]

VOTD: Who is this mysterious kung fu lady spotted in a Hong Kong subway station? We think she should be cast in Ip Man 3, if that ever comes to fruition.

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