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Gate Online is Like the Illegitimate Korean Lovechild of Portal and Team Fortress 2

18 Aug 2010

What would happen if you took Team Fortress 2 and Portal, two-fifths of the glorious gaming experience that was Valve’s Orange Box, and combined them into a single game? South Korean developer JC Entertainment seeks to make that FPS gamer’s wet dream a reality with its latest game, Gate Online. The cel-shaded shooter features a number of different classes with various team roles, as well as some suspiciously familiar-looking blue and orange portals.

Being a frequenter of Korean TF2 servers (24/7 instaspawn teufort, anyone?), I can attest to the inroads that Valve’s quirky class-based shooter has made in the gaming community there. Just last year, another Korean developer created H.A.V.E. Online, a blatant carbon copy of Team Fortress 2 — with lolis. But Gate Online takes it a step forward by introducing the element of portals. While Portal 2 promises to feature co-op gameplay, how awesome would using the portal gun in a deathmatch be? Just take a look at the gameplay video below:

Despite certain shamelessly ripped-off gameplay elements, Gate Online doesn’t strike me as a pure case of plagiarism. In terms of pacing, the game actually feels more akin to Unreal Tournament than Team Fortress 2 or Portal. Just as the mashup should be viewed as a entirely new musical work, Gate Online shouldn’t be seen as a cheap knockoff of said Valve games. After all, it’s not where you take things from, but where you take things to — in this case, the whole may not be more than the sum of its parts, but at the very least it’s something different.

[via Kotaku]

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  1. thomas permalink
    18 Aug 2010 7:36 AM

    envy’s a good job.

    • 18 Aug 2010 7:45 AM

      That Zac’s a spy!

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