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I Hear Tidings: 17 August 2010

17 Aug 2010

[FASHION] Hipsterdom is Dead: All the signs are pointing to hipster fashion staple American Apparel‘s impending bankruptcy. The company CEO Dov Charney — who allegedly hires hot hipster girls so he can sexually harass them in his controversial ads — has announced that “American Apparel is going preppy.” How about those lace thong leotards? Charney: “Lace thong leotards are not necessarily hipster.” [Runnin’ Scared]

[NEWS] Is this Haiti’s Next President?: The New York Times is now alleging that in 2006, musician Wyclef Jean used $250,000 of his charity’s money to purchase a carnival float, “a frilly blouse and gilded epaulettes” to wear while on it, and a lion to pose next to. In other news, the Haiti election board is expected to announce today whether Jean is eligible to run for president. We assuming this time he’ll buy a polished high-heels and a narwhal. [NYT]

[TECH] Follow North Korea on Twitter: As of last week, North Korea has established its own Twitter account. The user handle @uriminzok, which can be translated to “our people,” began tweeting links to “anti-South Korea and anti-US statements” on August 12.The account currently only has 4,726 followers, but any moment now, good ol’ Kim Jong-il will verify the account by tweeting a webcam pic of himself holding a “It’s the real me xoxo <3” sign. We’re sure the numbers will go up then. [MSNBC]

[POLITICS] HK May Reduce Foreigner-held LegCo Seats: Hong Kong’s Basic Law stipulates that foreign passport holders may comprise no more than 20 percent of Hong Kong’s Legislative Council. In light of the upcoming 2012 election, the government is debating whether to reduce that number to 17 percent, as more politicians begin swapping their foreign citizenship for a Chinese one. [Big Lychee]

[SOCIETY] China and India Population Forecast: How many people will be living in the two countries with the world’s largest populations? China and India are urbanizing at an incredible rate; by the year 2030, the former is predicted to have 221 cities of over 1 million people, and the latter to have 68 cities. We hope scientific advancements will allow us to colonize the moon by then, or else we’ll be getting ready to sleep on top of each other. [io9]

Video after the break: A YouTube guide to giving playboy creeper smiles.

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