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“Dear Japan” Makes You Jealous You Don’t Live There [Video]

17 Aug 2010

Deny it all you want, but everyone essentially wishes that they were Japanese — it’s why we love sushi, Haruki Murakami, and the Sofia Coppola film Lost in Translation, to name a few things. “Dear Japan” is a montage of scenes and dreams from that far-away place — from the beating pulse of the Tokyo cityscape to its almost mythical natural landscapes. This video comes to us from Matthew Brown, who also directed the official music video for “There Is A Wind” by The Album Leaf. He explains:

A sudden minor shock or meaningless/meaningful interruption… that is a memory… here is a blip of the land of the rising sun. JAPAN!

Video after the break.

Only a blip, maybe, but certainly a feast for the senses to behold — one that brilliantly captures not only the images and sounds of Japan, but also its unmistakable rhythms and tempos, ebbs and flows. And Japan is certainly not the first place to receive the star treatment; Matthew has also filmed videos in such locations as Spain and New York. Be sure to check out the rest of his works over at Vimeo or YouTube.

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