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Filipino Inmate Escapes Via Garbage Truck While Guard Plays “Plants vs. Zombies”

14 Aug 2010

In Cagayan de Oro City, Reynard Marturillas is still missing from his city jail cell. The 44 year old, along with four other inmates, made their getaway from a Philippines prison earlier this month, though not in the elaborate Prison Break fashion you would imagine. One of the other four prisoners recaptured not soon after reported that they were able to pilfer the police officer’s keys as he was too busy…

…playing Plants vs. Zombies.

We can see the game’s new marketing blurb already: “I’d rather set murderers free than stop playing this game.” – Soon-to-be-fired Cagayan de Oro City police officer

According to Filipino news site, “the inmates had no trouble stealing [the keys].” It’s suspected that Marturillas smuggled his way out via garbage truck, which arrived to the compound at 2 p.m. The still-missing prisoner, who was convicted for illegal drugs and due to be shipped to the New Bilibid maximum security prison in Muntinglupa, was not noticed to be missing until the head count at 8 p.m.

The just newly instated warden Waldemar Villanueva was dismissed from his post. Most unfortunately, the day Marturillas escaped was Villanueva’s first day on the job, reports The Freeman. What’s more, the city had recently directed some of its tax money towards heightening the prison’s security, including higher walls and additional barbed wires. City Councilor August Pe posed the question, “Why was the inmate still able to escape?”

Because, Mr. Pe, video games require total focus.

Plants vs. Zombies, of course, is the popular tower defense game developed by PopCap Games.

[via Inquirer; h/t Geekosystem]

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