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I Hear Tidings: 14 August 2010

14 Aug 2010

LEGAL ISSUES: President Obama has finally weighed in on the highly controversial issue of building a mosque nearby Manhattan’s Ground Zero site. At a White House dinner marking Ramadan last night, he noted: “This is America, and our commitment to religious freedom must be unshakable.” [WashPo]

MORE LEGAL ISSUES: Re: uproar over woman slapping policeman and not receiving jail time, Hong Kong law organizations conclude that the HK public is ignorant of the law. More uproar sure to ensue. [The Dark Side]

TV: Ricky Gervais is creating a Chinese version of The Office! My fantasy pick for the boss: Hu Jun. [EW]

SPORTS: The Hong Kong government has expressed concern over a HK baseball player who suffered a gunshot wound at the International Baseball Federation Women’s World Cup of Baseball in Venezuela. First: What in the world led to gunfire at a baseball game? Second: HK has a baseball team? []

SOCIETY: Toshikazu Sugaya spent 17 years behind bars after falsely confessing to Japanese authorities. The man now “speaks out against the abuse of power,” but also expresses his regret at being so “spineless.” [NYT]

VIDEO after the break: An interviewed woman can’t keep warm, and has no secrets. [reddit]

[title image via reddit]

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