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“The Old Republic” Second “Hope” Trailer: Just Make This A Movie, Already!

15 Jun 2010

E3 goes on! The second trailer for The Old Republic has been released, and again, it’s AWESOME. Last time, we saw the Jedi Temple on Coruscant destroyed by a legion of Sith warriors (and money-grubbing bounty hunters). This video unfolds on Alderaan, before it was debris floating in space, and this time the Republic gives a worthy fight. We also get to see some droid action, more lightsabering, and the trooper class kick some ass.

Still, I can’t see why anyone would play any non-Jedi/Sith class. Notice how, despite how impressive the Republic troopers’ assault is, we never actually see one of them kill a Sith? In turn, they’re all slaughtered, the surviving squad’s leader burns his face off, but as for our lovely Jedi warrior: hardly a scratch.

Just saying. Check the video below:

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