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Marlo, Kima, and Bodie Go Paintballing. Omar Watches from the Shadows.

14 Jun 2010

It sounds like either a Wirehead porno fantasy come true or the beginning of a really good joke, but crazily enough, it’s exactly what the post title says: Jamie Hector, better known as Marlo Stanfield from HBO’s The Wire, staged a paintball tournament on behalf of his arts youth-mentoring charity Moving Mountains.

According to Hector, participants originally were to include Michael K. Williams (Omar Comin!), Snoop Pearson (Snoop), Sonia Sohn (Kima Greggs), Anwan Glover (Slim Charles), Seth Gilliam (Carver), and others. Though Snoop was stuck in traffic, Slim was sadly a no-show, and Michael K. Williams reportedly spent most of his time sitting alone at a table with a dog, the sheer idea of it is still awesome. Though apparently, its execution left much to be desired. The paintballing took place at NYC Paintball in Long Island City, Queens. Stereogum‘s Gabe, seen in the photo above, hilariously described the place as such:

A windowless, airless, abandoned storage shed that smells like kerosene and is lit by the same fluorescent bulbs they used to film Saw. The bathroom seems like something out of Grand Theft Auto. Going to the bathroom feels like a mission to kill a Haitian who betrayed a mob boss and is now hiding in a disused subway tunnel.

Apparently, spending time with famous actors who you can’t help but associate with their on-screen personae isn’t a easy gig, either. Gabe writes about this excruciating awkwardness, also:

The thing about being near famous people is that it is really fun and neat and exciting for about 20 minutes, after which you are just in a room with some strangers who do not particularly like you, but at whom you cannot stop staring. Yikes. Add to that the fact that it is usually very hard to disassociate their screen roles from them as human beings, and now you are in a room full of strangers who do not particularly like you and who you think are ACTUAL MURDERERS. But Jaime Hector and Sonia Sohn were very nice. Bodie was there, too, and he was super Bodie the whole time. I’m pretty sure he was for real running a corner during the event.

For us that remain voyeurs however, we can continue to enjoy with relative creeper ease the idea of actors from The Wire shooting each other in the face with colorful paint pellets. Village Voice photographer Paul Quitoriano snapped some awesome portraits, which you can gander below:

(h/t and images via Sound of the City and Videogum)

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