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BP Spills Coffee At Office Meeting: Chaos Ensues

10 Jun 2010

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Oil continues to spew in horrific amounts from a leaking well off the Gulf of Mexico, and BP continues to bumble about in its effort to mop up the mess. Many have questioned exactly how much oil of the amount being leaked is being contained (on Tuesday, 15,000 barrels were reportedly collected from the ocean and processed). Oil and gas industry insider Matt Simmons told Fortune in an interview that “there’s a lake at the bottom of the Gulf of Mexico that’s over 100 miles wide and at least 400 to 500 feet deep of black oil. It’s just staying there.”

The Associated Press writes, “Shrimpers, oystermen, seafood businesses, out-of-work drilling crews and the tourism industry who have filed damage claims with BP also are angrily complaining of delays, excessive paperwork and skimpy payments that have put them on the verge of going under.” In the face of such public outrage, the Coast Guard has upped its demands of the clean-up process, having “ordered a better plan for recovering oil” and hoping “to monitor compensation claim payments,” writes the New York Times.

While this travesty persists, we ought to consider the ridiculousness of the entire situation. See below Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre‘s comedic skit on BP and some workplace coffee problems:

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  1. 11 Jun 2010 10:59 PM

    Pretty funny. The whole situation is so sad.

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