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One More Notch on the Hip Hatchet

1 Apr 2010

Hip Hatchet, a.k.a. Philippe Bronchtein ’10, does it again. Hot off the press is his new track, “Dark Dancer,” and it sure is a quiet, powerful, whiskey-soaked affair. Voice tired and guitar immensely intimate, it’s a drastic change from his other musical project – one probably more familiar to the Middlebury College campus – his electronic persona Bearplane.

On his MySpace blog, he has this to say about his upcoming album:

I don’t know how often people actually check my myspace blog, but I think it’s worth mentioning how much progress I’ve made on the new record in the past few weeks.

Amelia (the wonderful lady who sang on the scarecrow ep) came and laid down vocal tracks for three songs, Recorded harmonica on a new song, and I recorded my vocal tracks for three songs.

Also, I’ve been working on scoring out all of the string and woodwind arrangements in order to ensure a productive January.

The album is tentatively called “Men Who Share My Name” and should be out in late April. It will be 10 or 11 songs, depending on how the next month goes. If I can get the record finished in time, hopefully some sort of tour will go down in late August.

Oh! and the record is probably going to be available free from one of those media sharing websites.

In “Dark Dancer” there’s hints of Nick Drake and Leonard Cohen, especially (and indeed, Bronchtein lists them as influences). Not a bad crowd to be nestled in with.

Lend the song your ear below, then head over to his MySpace for some more wintry goodness:

Hip Hatchet – Dark Dancer

(Originally posted at MiddBlog)

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