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Welcome 21CB’s New Hong Kong Editor, Stephen!

21 Mar 2010

Everyone, please join me in welcoming our Hong Kong-based editor, writer and my own blood brother Stephen Suen! Think of us as more Coen Brothers than Wachowski Brothers (but if one of us had to be the male-turned-female one, I call first dibs on the other one). In any case, he has graciously provided a short biography for us:

Though originally forged in the fires of Mount Doom back in ‘93, today I live and study in Hong Kong, cyberpunk city of sketchy. Born rabble-rouser with a knack for lame puns.

When I’m not writing, I dabble in graphic & web design, 16-bit video gaming, and anything Scandinavian. Debater and nerd by day, interweb vagrant and raging otaku by night. Can recite the script for all six episodes of FLCL pretty much verbatim.

You can catch me over at Facebook,, or YouTube, or shoot me an email at s2tephen [at] gmail [dot] com. I’ll get to it — eventually.

Stephen will be reporting on Hong Kong events, but also volunteering his expertise on gaming, anime and design. Look out for his posts in the coming days!

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