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Japanese Design Absurdist Mental Health Clinic

5 Mar 2010

Design company Nendo claims that their work on Clinic Asaka will help both patients and staff to “experience opening new doors in their hearts, one after the other,” reports dezeen Magazine.

A bit kooky, but nothing too out of the ordinary, right? No. Hah. Wrong. Feast your eyes on this:

They really were serious about the “opening new doors” bit, weren’t they? In fact, only one of the doors in the clinic works in the way that it actually should. Understandably, it’s the one which leads to the outside world — you know, where it’s normal. Otherwise though, the other doors are tweaked to appear as parts of the wall, fully decorated with knick-knacks in order to…perplex? expand the mind?

The clinic, which specializes in “total mental health care,” hopes to express a specific philosophy through this interior design. Contrary to the traditional model of mental health care in which the patient is supposed to return to a “zero” neutral point, Clinic believes that patients should leave with a greater richness than they ever experienced before.

Just saying, it’s probably not a good idea to put mentally unstable people in that space. Especially considering reality’s probably quite destabilized for them already. Cool concept, though.

What do you think? Will the patients lose their minds completely in this wacky architecture or will the doctors crack first?

[via Weird Asia News]

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  1. 13 Dec 2010 2:09 AM

    its good for mental health,nice concept for health,long walk also good for mental and physical

  2. 10 Mar 2010 7:01 AM, how do you do it?

  3. 9 Mar 2010 5:56 AM

    Good for mental health go walk a long slow walk do something you enjoy enjoy watching a fish tank

    Bad for mental health
    staying alone

    • 9 Mar 2010 10:45 AM

      That’s very true. To sit and stew in your own depressed thoughts is the unhealthiest. Do you think this health clinic design would help?

  4. 6 Mar 2010 8:23 PM

    It takes one to know one!

    • 9 Mar 2010 10:44 AM

      Good point! : )

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