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I Hear Tidings: Pentagon Shooter Dies, Sex Gurus Are Mysterious and the TSA Wants to See You Naked

5 Mar 2010

GUNMAN: The gunman who opened fire on Pentagon guards yesterday has died at the George Washington University Hospital. The 36-year-old John Patrick Bedell, dressed in a business suit and armed with two semi-automatic weapons, has not been linked to any terrorist-related activity.

SEX GURUS: OPEN Magazine investigates India’s magazine sex gurus and columnists, often shrouded in mystery. What sort of credibility do they have–are they themselves enjoying sex aplenty?–that we should trust our deepest sexual insecurities with their advice?

TSA: The Transportation Security Administration has announced it will be installing body scanners in nine more airports including Los Angeles, San Diego, Columbus and Charlotte. The American Civil Liberties Union has denounced the process as a “virtual strip search.” What are you willing to pay for your “security”?

Read on to find out: Why is Japan’s child princess Aiko is scared of schoolboys? Liz Cheney worse than Joseph McCarthy? How come ideas often aren’t put into action and How I Met Your Mother’s Barney will be going blue? And most importantly, what does Rick Ross’ laugh sound like?

BULLYING: Japan’s Princess Aiko, granddaughter to Emperor Akhito, has missed several days of class as a result of being bullied by schoolmates. Rich or poor, the shit falls down just the same. But still, I feel sorry for the girl (as I would any girl, or boy for that matter).

CHENEY: Retaliation against the outspoken Liz Cheney, who recently labeled Department of Justice attorneys for Gitmo prisoners as the “al-Qaeda Seven,” comes even from the conservative camp. One right-wing legal theorist calls her words potentially “worse than…McCarthy.”

IDEAS: We tend to devise ideas (lots of them, too), but we also hardly act upon them. GOOD Magazine’s Scott Belsky writes about how we can translate fantasy into actuality.

SMURFS: Barney from “How I Met Your Mother” will go blue. No, he won’t be a new character in Avatar 2 (god, I wish). Neil Patrick Harris has just signed on to voice the lead in Sony’s upcoming feature adaptation of The Smurfs.

T-PAIN: The King of Auto-tune dives into animation with his feature “Freaknik: the Musical,” premiering on Adult Swim this Sunday night. Snoop Dogg, Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Andy Samberg and Bill Hader join the mix. The New York Times talks to Mr. Pain about his love affair with cartoons and what Rick Ross’ giggle sounds like.

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