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I Hear Tidings: Shooting at Pentagon, Why Amateur Cinema is In and Casual Sex is Out

4 Mar 2010

AMATEUR CINEMA: In honor of Jia Zhangke’s month-long career retrospective at the Museum of Modern Art, US-based Chinese distributor dGenerate has translated the filmmaker’s essay “The Age of Amateur Cinema Will Return”. In the piece, Jia argues that the shift to high-cost production for globalizing film industries in fact reflects a loss of cultural faith and explains why the only reasonable response will be that of independent cinema.

PENTAGON: Breaking news about a man who reportedly walked into the main entrance of the Pentagon and began firing at two officers stationed outside. The officers sustained non-fatal injuries and returned gunfire, injuring the assailant.

SEX: Slate Magazine reports on the emerging backlash against casual sex, tracing the cyclical historical rhythms of feminism. Christina and Paris are out, Taylor Swift and Twilight are in.

Read on about James Cameron planning to make an atomic bomb explode on 3D IMax screens, “homeless chic” fashion in China and arguments over whether Africa is getting richer or poorer.

HIROSHIMA: James Cameron has gone on record in defense of author Charles Pellegrino, whose book The Last Train From Hiroshima was pulled from shelves by its publisher. Journalists, scientists, historians and veterans have questioned the veracity of the supposed non-fiction work, which centers on the atomic bombing of Japan in World War II and its aftermath. Cameron still resolves to adapt the work. I don’t know about you, but seeing a mushroom cloud in 3D is a somewhat disturbing concept to me.

HOMELESS CHIC: A homeless straggler on the streets of Ningbo, China has been dubbed “Brother Sharp”, “Beggar Prince” and “Handsome Vagabond” among other nicknames for his fashionable and coordinated hobo get-up. I guess we should ‘Derelicte’ his balls. Zoolander? Anybody?

POVERTY: New studies suggest that Africa may be rising out of poverty quicker than we think. These publications are in stark contrast to UN reports which consider the average African 22% worse off now than in the mid-1970s due to an explosion in population growth.

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