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I Hear Tidings: Celebrities Wrote Their Senior Theses, HBO Picks Up “Game of Thrones” and The Moon Has Ice

2 Mar 2010

HBO: HBO is going to have a fantastic year. In addition to The Wire creators’ new show “Treme” (about New Orleans musicians) and the Scorsese-produced “Boardawalk Empire” (about bootleggers in Depression-era America), the cable network announced this morning it has picked up “Game of Thrones,” a 10-episode series based on one of the greatest fantasy series of all time, George R. R. Martin’s “Song of Ice and Fire”.

MOON: Prepare the moon base. A radar experiment conducted by India’s Chandrayaan-1 lunar spacecraft has found ice deposits on the moon’s north pole. Though, to be fair, it’s got other shit–other compounds–in it.

THESIS: Huffington Post lists some of the most ridiculous examples of celebrity senior theses. Take for example Queen guitarist Brian May’s doctoral thesis on “Radial Velocities in the Zodiacal Dust Cloud.” I expect to follow in their path — in terms of their ridiculousness, not in terms of their celebrity.

Click on for ex-Clintonite David Rothkopf’s withdrawal from the Democratic party, Hurt Locker director Kathryn Bigelow on being a female director, the new Kevin Smith-authored Green Hornet comic series and new studies on the teenage brain.

BIGELOW: Slate interviews The Hurt Locker‘s director. She opens up on her role as a woman in the film industry, her background in fine art and adrenaline.

DEMOCRATS: David Rothkopf, CEO of international advisory firm Garten Rothkopf and deputy undersecretary of commerce during the Clinton administration, has renounced his Democratic affiliation. He explains his reasons on his Foreign Policy blog, citing the broken system and his desire to see a three-way Obama/Biden vs.  Romney/Pawlenty vs. Petraeus/Bloomberg election in 2012.

GREEN HORNET: Tomorrow marks the day filmmaker and recent plane-exile Kevin Smith releases the comic adaptation of his unmade Green Hornet script. Dynamite makes available the first five pages of their new title, complete with cover art by comic greats Alex Ross and J. Scott Campbell.

TEENS: NPR has published a feature on Harvard neurologist Frances Jensen, who began to study the development of the fuck-the-world adolescent brain once her own children rolled into puberty. She has discovered that contrary to past understanding, the brain’s frontal lobe is largely unformed in our teenage years.


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