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I Hear Tidings: Newt Gingrich Reads Camus, Why Chile Is Better Off Than Haiti and The End Of The Author

1 Mar 2010

BIPARTISANSHIP: Apparently Newt Gingrich, former Speaker of the House and resident nutjob, is a fan of Camus and Orwell. And he’s been drawing parallels of totalitarian government in their literature with the “socialism” of the Democratic Party. New Yorker writer Hendrik Hertzberg says bipartisanship is here to stay, despite the health care bill.

CHILE: In what is sure to be a controversial article, Slate writer Anne Applebaum explains why Chile will recover from the earthquake despite the inevitable comparisons already being made to Haiti, where damage has been achingly deep. In a word: democracy.

PUBLISHING: Will digital publishing spell the end for the written word? The debate has been raging on and heavyweights have weighed in heavy. Phillip Roth thinks it’s certainly over for the book. Paul Auster vehemently disagrees. Jason Epstein anticipates how authors will suffer from this “publishing revolution”, a sentiment that other critics have both supported and dismissed.

More on Darren Aronofsky’s plans for Angelina Jolie, the new exhibition space that’s getting the French government pissed off and Jerry Senfield’s failed attempt at modern comedy after the break.

ARONOFSKY: Requiem For A Dream and The Wrestler director Darren Aronofsky is working on what /Film calls “his There Will Be Blood. He is currently in talks with Angelina Jolie to adapt Ron Rash’s 2008 book, Serena: A Novel, which follows a newlywed couple that creates a timber empire in Depression-era North Carolina.

EXHIBITIONS: The independently-run Parisian exhibition space Pinacothèque has come under fire from the French state’s art establishment. Director Marc Restellini turned an unused building wedged between two halves of an upmarket food store into this newly popular, unsubsidized gallery space, which just recently featured works of 17th-century Dutch masters.

SEINFELD: It looks like comedian Jerry Seinfeld has ruined his track record with his new show, “The Marriage Ref”. Its premise is essentially a panel of three celebrities refereeing weird marital disputes. And television sinks even lower.


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