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Weekly Recap: Chile Updates, The Sunny Side of Depression and More “Midd Kid”

28 Feb 2010


BOURNE: Director of Supremacy and the incredible Ultimatum Paul Greengrass and his assassin-choking star Matt Damon weigh in on the Bourne movies. They support the idea of a prequel/reboot.

BRANDS: Corporate and branding identity site Brand New looks at the most relevant identity work of the 2000s, be it good, bad or ugly.

CHAT ROULETTE: I know, I’ve reported on this continually, but I really find it to be a perfect microcosm of our world: voyeuristic, perverse and bored. This video by Casey Neistat wonderfully sums up some statistics about Chat Roulette. Ultimate conclusion: girls–attractive girls–have it easy. What’s new.

CHILE: Two million are displaced and 700 are dead following the 8.8 earthquake that took place this weekend in Chile. Despite the sounder building standards and an epicenter farther away from heavily populated areas, images of rubble and dusty bodies nevertheless echoed those of Haiti a month earlier. Wishing all the best for Chile’s quick recovery and the safety of everybody there right now.

DEPRESSION: What is depression’s upside? The Times Magazine reports on the mental benefits that ultimately arise from bouts of depression – granted, of course, you can rise out of it in the end.

MIDD KID: It continues to blow up. You can now read about the video on the NY Times Choice blog and GOOD Magazine, as well as see it in action at Middlebury’s very own Winter Ball, where it’s very apparent that the kids have memorized the lyrics.

OBAMA: The President of the United States recently received the results of his first medical examination since entering office. He is in overall “excellent health”, but one or two intriguing kinks have popped up: his smoking habit and his basketball playing.


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