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I Hear Tidings: Quake Devastates Chile, Bill Maher on Tiger’s Sex Addiction and A Mystery from ‘The Big Lebowski’

27 Feb 2010

APPLE: Telegraph reports that Apple has admitted to using child labor in Chinese factories that build its computers, iPods and mobile phones. The company has come under criticism before for utilizing factories with poor working conditions that do not meet proper standards.

AVATAR: Young pastor and founder of the Mars Hill Church in Seattle, WA, Mark Driscoll is calling Avatar the “the most demonic, satanic film I’ve ever seen,” citing the Na’vi beliefs in false gods, heavens and a spiritual connection with nature as anti-God.

CHILE: Stay updated with the latest news on the earthquake that has just hit Chile, one 100 times stronger than the one in Haiti and that has left 400,000 homeless.

CLIMATE: According to Mother Jones, the supposedly credible climate skeptic Patrick Michaels is reportedly being paid hundred of thousands of dollars by oil and coal companies to dismiss what he considers to be overhyped charges of global warming.

INDIE: Pitchfork republishes a September 2009 article about this past decade’s slow but sure injection of an indie sensibility into mainstream culture. Nitsuh Abebe discusses its inevitable lashback with the New Moon soundtrack, Grizzly Bear in a Volkswagen campaign and Vampire Weekend hitting #1 on the Billboard chart.

LEBOWSKI: /Film writer David Chen ponders a mysterious exchange between The Dude, Walter and Donny in the Coen Brothers’ The Big Lebowski. Who is Walter addressing when he says, “Life does not stop and start at your convenience you miserable piece of shit”?

SEX: Bill Maher on sex addiction, Tiger Woods and Buddhism. You know it’s going to be raucous and offensive.


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