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I Hear Tidings: The Shaky Health Care Summit, Jim Halpert As Captain America and Collegiate Justice Systems

25 Feb 2010

CASTING: Six actors are in the running to become Captain America in the upcoming comic adaptation, The First Avenger: Captain America. Interesting names include John Krasinski of The Office, Scott Porter of Friday Night Lights and Chace Crawford of Gossip Girl.

HEALTH CARE: NY Times comments on the bipartisan health care summit, which is as of noon EST still being aired. In his effort to bridge Democrat and Republican policies, President Obama addresses criticisms of centralizing health care options, tax increases and Medicare spending cuts, among other issues. In related news, Daily Beast writer Peter Beinart refutes GOP accusations that using budget reconciliation to pass health-care reform in the Senate would be undemocratic.

HUMMER: Rest in peace. Following a botched bid to sell the brand to a Chinese company, General Motors announced it would shut down production of the Hummer vehicle.

INJUSTICE: NPR reports on the story of Indiana University student Margaux, who was raped by a student living on her floor, and the failures of the collegiate justice systems in place to protect women from sexual assault.

LISTS: CollegeHumor has a spot-on piece on seven types of internet lists that we’ve all seen. I particularly like “7 Types of Things There Are A Billion Types Of”.

POLITICS: All politics are hypocritical, but Slate writes on why the Republican Party’s current policy hypocrisy is a worse sort of hypocrisy than the sort Democrats have recently come under fire for.

THOM YORKE: In Los Angeles the Radiohead frontman has announced the name of his side-project to be Atoms For Peace. Previously titled “????” on the Coachella 2010 lineup, AFP will be touring throughout the U.S. before it reaches Indio, California.

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