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I Hear Tidings: Freida Pinto Fights the Gods, Autism Organization Slams Google and We Learn All About Breasts

24 Feb 2010

BREASTS: GOOD Magazine presents some key facts about the hallowed tit. For instance, did you know that, when erect, the average female nipple is 3/8″ long, or slightly taller than five stacked quarters? Me too.

FREIDA: In latest casting news, Slumdog Millionaire knockout Freida Pinto has been cast in the latest project by Tarsem Singh (The Cell, The Fall), a mythology epic titled The War of the Gods. Variety reports that she will play Phaedra, an oracle priestess looking to demolish the Greek gods — who, apparently, are evil. Also, can you believe that her Slumdog co-star Dev Patel is dating her? Lucky, lucky child.

GOOGLE: Google’s really been getting slammed hard lately. NY Times reports on the Italian case in which three Google executives have been found guilty of violating privacy laws by allowing videos of Italian schoolboys bullying their autistic classmate to be uploaded on their Google Video site.

HAITI: Emergency medical teams are leaving Haiti, writes The Wall Street Journal. Many of the surgeries are in urgent need of redoing and the lack of doctors on the ground is causing great distress.

LINGUISTICS: Linguist Geoff Nunberg explains to NPR readers why people that use words like “oversimplistic” and “gingerly” might just be assholes, and then why easily-annoyed linguists are probably assholes, too. An interesting look at what illogical terms and turns of phrase we take for granted.

TECHNOSPRITUALITY: Huffington Post blogger Steven Barrie-Anthony writes on how new media can embody a new agent of spiritual transformation and what potential impacts are in store for journalism.

WEEZY: In preparation for–or perhaps in the face of–his incarceration, Lil Wayne starts a Twitter account. In his own sage words, “im super new to this twitter shit but wudup tho !……….follow me biot¢h……….” Billboard reports.


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