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Tuesday Points of Interest

9 Feb 2010

WIN OF THE DAY: Christopher Nolan Overseeing Superman for Warner Bros; Batman 3 Moving Forward [/Film]

69 Love Songs: (Just Over) 10 Years Later [Obscure Sound]

Bonnaroo 2010 Lineup: Jay-Z, Kings of Leon, Weezer, Phoenix [Stereogum]

Darth Vader’s Original Wimpy Voice Revealed [The Huffington Post]

Google Unveils Social Networking Feature [PC Magazine]

Health-care Reform Now America’s Most Divisive Issue [The Gaggle]

Hong Kong blog The Dark Side is Hiring Freelance Writers [The Dark Side]

How to Levitate By Standing Next to a Wet Spot on the Sidewalk [boingboing]

Liu Zi Xuan: Sexy China Love [PlunderGuide]

The Scoop on Sperm [Buzzfeed]

Stewart Takes On Palin’s Hand-Scribbled Buzzwords [The Huffington Post]

Time Waster of the Day: Internet Archeology [The Q]

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