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MC Yan – Hong Kong Slam Jam

14 Jan 2010

[via Asian Rap Worldwide]

Emcee and cultural activist MC Yan from the recently reformed Hong Kong rap group LMF (Lazy Mutha Fuckas) speaks his mind about the Hong Kong condition. Fantastic video. Time Out Hong Kong writes about Yan:

Born and raised in the housing estates of Kwai Chung, by the age of 18 he had saved enough money to fly to France, eventually making his way to study art at Paris’ Ecole des Beaux Arts. Returning to the city in the early nineties, Yan made waves with his unusual graffiti, based on the ancient system of Chinese acupuncture. He translated the city into a body and mapped out his plan of where to tag according to the meridian energy lines he imagined for it ( He was also famously one of the first high profile graffiti artists to tag the Great Wall of China, and when the rest of Hong Kong caught on to graffiti, Yan went one step further, taking on laser tag technology. In the past year he has written enormous messages in light on to the walls of the Cultural Centre (from across the harbour), and City Hall.

Cop the new single from LMF’s ReUnion. Its English title is ‘Hold Onto the Middle Finger (What You Believe),’ a resonant jibe at expression in Hong Kong right now, since other than just acid there’s also the shitstorm of censorship raining down on us.

揸緊中指 – LMF [download]

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