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11 Nov 2009

My Middlebury comrade Philippe Bronchtein, known to many by his electronic alter-ego moniker Bearplane, has just dropped his new album, Bear Carrier, and bottom line: it’s great.

I praised his first album The Portrait of the Artist as a Dead Man for returning to a so-called electronic-ness of electronic music, and he clearly has embraced that concept fully in his second grizzly outing. That means some of his new songs may not be as easily accessible in an electropop-grindfest context, but forget those who give up early. I’m particularly digging “Dwarf”, but there’s such an sharp, upbeat optimism to all of this battery-operated music you just have to like.

1. The Children Are The Future
2. Bear to Land Missiles
3. Neck Tattoos
4. Step Left, Step Right, Around!
5. Taft Was Sick
6. The Weekend (It’s Got to be Phonkay)
7. I’m Just Floating on Bear
8. Dwarf
9. Throat Babies
10. Suns Out, Guns Out
11. ’09

Cop the whole album here.

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