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Back in the Honky Tonk

5 Aug 2009

Man, I’ve been gone so long, I don’t even remember how to write, really. My brain’s a burnt husk.

Beijing, man, fucking Beijing.


I loved it. Sure, the prices are low because manufacturing is booming, labor is cheap and plentiful, and there’s still a long way to go. Sure, Facebook and blogging sites were banned because of government fears following the Xinjiang riots. Sure, people spit and squat; they neither say 請 (please) nor 謝 (thanks). But it’s so damn lively, the art and the music is trying to kick ass, it’s so on the cusp of inevitable political and economic transformation, and damn it, I want to grow up with the city. Count on me being back very soon.

Firstly: the drinking, the nightlife, the food, the entertainment — it’s all there, and it’s all unreal. A 750-ml bottle of Tsing Tao for 3RMB (44 cents) and a large plate of chicken curry rice for 7RMB (USD $1.02), and I’m good to go.

Additionally, a note: there are so many preconceptions of China as a totalitarian, oppressive regime (which it is, obviously, to varying degrees), and the Chinese people, but the kids I met and the professors that taught me at Peking University were intelligent, surprisingly open, and fucking awesome for the most part. In my experimenting, I discovered the Tiananmen Square Massacre is Wikipedia-able and even the image of the Tank Man is Google Image-able.

I think my economics professor put it best:
“If you can bring back any piece of knowledge to your home countries from this class, it is this. China doesn’t want to take over the world. We just want to get rich, just like everybody else.”

Poorgeoisie aside, it was never a bad thing to want to get rich. Try saying that it is to the 3 billion people that live on less than $2.50 a day. It’s just, you know, getting rich while keeping the rest of the world in mind that’s been a bit of a problem. But that’s been everyone’s damn problem, not just China’s.

But yeah, I’m back. Eye-opening experience. Live long and prosper muhfuckaaas.

P.S. Watch The Hangover.

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  1. Angela permalink
    5 Aug 2009 8:26 AM

    PS. Watch The Hangover, DRUNK.

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